7 x 70

21 Then Peter came to him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?” 22 “No, not seven times,” Jesus replied, “but seventy times seven!  (Matthew 18:21-22)

Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. It is not easy for us to do. The hardest thing to do when you have been hurt is to forgive the person that hurt you. Your mind says, “Do not do it! Remember what they did to you! Keep this memory in your mind and never forget it! Every time you see that person or hear that person’s name, let the anger swell up within you! Let the rage build! Keep it locked safely inside your heart and never let it go! Keep talking about it! Don’t forget”! I thought these same thoughts. Someone I loved very much, someone who I loved as my sister hurt me to my very soul. My heart was ripped out of my chest.

I was hurt. I was betrayed. I was in pain. I was ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I forgive someone who hurt me so deeply? How could I let go of the pain? I found out I could not do it on my own. SOMEONE stronger and mightier than I  had  to help me overcome. That SOMEONE was Jesus Christ.  I had to allow Jesus to heal my heart by removing the anger and bitterness. I knew He was the only way I could overcome. I kept reading about Jesus on the Cross. He had been betrayed by His own people! He had  been charged for a crime He did not commit! He was beaten, spit upon and cursed at. He was completely innocent, yet He was sentenced to death. As He hung on the Cross, soldiers were gambling over his clothes! After all He had endured, Jesus said, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. (Matthew 23:34) Jesus forgave them. He forgave me. My sins put Him on the Cross. My sins! Your sins!

Yet he whispers to us, “I forgave you, so you must forgive others”. 

How many times must we forgive? SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN. In other words if you get hurt by the same person over and over you have to forgive them every time. Jesus was telling us that we must always, always forgive.

He forgave us, we have to forgive others. 

I did overcome, yet it took a long time for it to happen. But, it finally happened. Six months after the betrayal, I ran into the person. I smiled at them and said, “hi”. They could not look me in the face nor did they say anything in return. That was ok. It was that moment that I knew I had been set free!  I had been delivered! I was free!

Pain ,anger, hate  and bitterness did not have a hold of me anymore!

Forgiveness heals you. Forgiveness frees you from the bondage of anger, pain and hate. Holding onto hate and pain does you harm. You are miserable. You are depressed. The other person is enjoying their life. They are not thinking about how hurt you are. So why are you letting what they did to you destroy yours?

The only thing you can do about the person who betrayed and hurt you is to ask God to change them. God tells us in Luke 6;28 to Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you. Pray that He changes their heart. Pray that they allow the love of Jesus Christ to enter into their heart. They may never change. They may never apologize for what they did to you. That’s all right because you have freed yourself from the hold they had over you. You can live your life knowing that you are free! You can enjoy your life! You can be happy! Most of all you can glorify God in telling someone that has been hurt and betrayed about how you overcame the pain of betrayal.

Just as I am telling you.


About valerielynn

Wife, mother and child of God who has learned to live one day at a time by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. My road to home (heaven) is full of many bumps, twist and turns. But with Jesus at the wheel, He makes it a lot smoother.
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  1. Lori Laws says:

    Another great post on Forgiveness… keep em coming! Have a great rest of the day. Blessings:)

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